Reborn Toddler’s Reviews

Are you looking for a beautiful realistic toddler reborn doll? Here is the best collection in reborn toddlers’ reviews;

Top 5 Reborn Toddlers reviews

1.    PURSUEBABY Beautiful Soft Body Lifelike Toddler Princess Girl Doll with Long Hair Valentina, 24 Inch Real Life Reborn Toddler Cuddle Doll for Christmas


The Valentina reborn toddler doll has a soft cotton body, with a light colored skin that makes it attractive. The silicone venyl material awards it the realistic look and gentle to touch.

 It’s the doll that is quite a beauty to toddlers yet non-toxic. With a height of 24 inches and weighted body of 2.8 pounds, it forms a figure that is adorable to hug.

Her movable ¾ vinyl limbs allow her to assume different postures. The hand sewn fashion clothes and accessories add to her realistic look.

Except that you have to support her to sit upright, she is a true reborn doll princess.

2.    Adora Toddler The Cat’s Meow 20″ Girl Weighted Doll Gift Set for Children 6+ Huggable Vinyl Cuddly Snuggle Soft Body Toy

The Adora weighted doll boasts a height of 20 inches and a weight of 3.95 pounds. In addition to the soft vinyl material, it also has the baby powder scent that gives it the natural smell of a baby.

Like the Juno Reborns real baby, she has the movable head, arms, and legs.

The hand painted face reflects the lifelike features of a child. She even has diapers to accommodate realistic play and overall child development.

 Her blonde hair can be styled into various ways to complement the beautiful blue eyes.

Even though her hair is curly, you can style it to your desired format. Moreover, her scented body and matching wear makes her stand out.

3.    Pinky 22 Inch/55cm Soft Dolls Reborn Baby Girl Realistic Look Real Newborn Doll Toddler Reborns Silicone Babies

The 22 inches and 3.31 pounds reborn baby girl has the hand made features that give it the realistic look and touch. First, its head, legs, and arms are of soft silicone vinyl material. It, therefore, feels soft and tender to touch.

The dolls mohair speaks of its quality. When it’s dirty, you can wash it and design it to different styles. Besides, it comes clothed in handmade fitting clothing to boost her good looks.

Although the doll can’t stand, it can take various postures like lying flat or sitting.  The reborn baby girl is made of nontoxic and safe materials.

4.    PURSUEBABY Toddler Soft Floppy Body Real Life Baby Girl Doll with Hair, Little Giraffe Emily, 24 Inch Lifelike Reborn Toddler Infant Doll Toy Snuggle Children Gift

Little Emily employs the fine design. The hand rooted soft hair and the curly eyelashes support the exquisite design claim. On the other hand, the ¾ vinyl limbs are movable while the clothed body feels soft to touch.

With the arms that can be cleaned gently like that of a child, it provides the right play toy for your toddler. Her height of 24 inches and weighted body of 3.09 pounds speaks of the realistic look and weight.

It’s the hand rooted fiber hair, acrylic eyes and hand applied eyelashes that defines who Little Emily is.

5.    iCradle Lovely Handmade Soft Silicone Reborn Baby Girl Doll 22 Inch 55cm Realistic Looking Newborn Vinyl Dolls Toddler Toy for Kid Xmas Gift Golden Hair

The 22 inches handmade reborn baby girl uses the soft silicone vinyl material to form the real baby’s head size. The ¾ limbs and the body boast soft cloth material with internal filling and weighs 2.67 pounds.

The dolls acrylic eyes, open nostrils, and hand-drawn nails give it a realistic appearance.

Its legs and arms move up and down and thus allowing the doll to sit or lie down. In addition to the multilayered skin, that doesn’t fade quickly, it possesses the warm, humid kissable lips.

Although the bay can’t speak or stand on its own, it’s a reborn doll to amaze any toddler as a gift.

Give any of the above reborn dolls to your child and light up her face with a bright smile.